Reviews is an archive of writings by writers and journalists whose work would otherwise vanish from sight. Some fine writing is lost as the media in which it is published like an evening paper in the metropolis is by its very nature ephemeral. Asia-Major can never be a repository of millions of pages but would endeavour to preserve a modest amount of these works. Asia-Major will retain the rights to refuse any contribution deemed unsuitable for it. It is hoped that this would allow writers to preserve and showcase their work available for viewing from anywhere on the web. See “About” for more details.


  • Short Stories by Julianna Struthers who challenges herself “to write a short story every week for a year” and wins! Here is a link to the Stories.
  • It is with immense sadness that I received news that one of my old friends and contributor to these pages, Cheryl Braganza passed away in Dec 2016.I blogged about  Cheryl Braganza  in Oct.2007, and it is only fitting that I quote her Obituary by her son, in our pages, here.
  • A treasure trove of Poetry reading done in early 1970s rediscovered. “Those were the Days in Greenwich” 
  • We will be featuring articles by famed Indian ‘environmentalist’ journo Darryl D’Monte.
  • Farrukh Dhondi’s column: We feature some of his  contributions to journals and newspapers.
  • Adil Jussawalla‘s collection of poems ‘Trying to Say Goodbye‘ is conferred the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award 2014 along with seven others.


Adil tmbAdil Jussawalla

  1. Charles Correa: The architect whose heart beat for Mumbai ‒ ‘a wonderful city, terrible place’
  1. Only Goodbyes” A Collection of poems
    • Archive of Events:

manu_thmbManohar Shetty

Clipboard02Farrukh Dhondi

Jana_tmbJanardhan Roye


rashme-sehgal Rashme Sehgal

Subhash65x85Subhash Chopra


naren tmbNarendra Shenoy


  • London Letters


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