A free archive of journalistic articles by writers who wish to showcase their work which would otherwise be lost to posterity


Here is our mission statement:

When a well known poet-writer-journalist died a few years ago, another poet lamented the fact that with the passing away of such people all that is left is what is published and above the parapet whilst the rest is swept away and lost forever, Even published journalism is treated as mere ephemera and even if published online becomes unavailable with the passage of time. A whole lot of good journalism rendered before the days of the universal use of the Internet in any case remains un-digitized and unavailable as a resource for friends and family, admirers, researchers and biographers. Our idea is to archive and make available for instant viewing of all that could be saved and shown from a website with a simple URL address. Greatly gifted and hugely talented writers and artists like Dom Moraes, O.V.Vijayan, Anil Saari, Shankar Menon Marath and thousands of others who are alive and writing merit such a archival treatment. Asia-major website provides the platform.

This is not a vanity publishing venture. Asia-Major does not wish to be a publisher or an editor. The views expressed in these writers’ contributions are entirely their own and do not reflect the views of Asia-Major which in any case is a neutral repository and NOT a publisher.

No payment is sought and no payment made to the contributor, writer or his estate. The writer or his estate remains the copyright holders. Asia-major acts merely as a window to showcase the work which might otherwise be lost. This allows a writer to show his past work to a whole host of people including his current readers, researchers, biographers, and prospective publishers without having to go the effort of setting up a domain name or a single–occupant Blogsite and design a website around it. With Asia Major hopefully the writer would be in good company of many distinguished writers. To make Asia-Major site more attractive the site already provides a rich and increasing collection of ready researched links to a variety of information on India which would save time using a search engine.

Check out the Reviews index page for a list of contributors and their writings showcased on our pages.


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