Adil JussawallaAdil Jussawalla was born in Mumbai in 1940, and spent most of the years between 1957 and 1970 in England where he studied to be an architect, wrote plays, read English at Oxford and taught English at a language school. Returning to Mumbai, he taught English at St Xavier’s College between 1972 and 1975. He was an Honorary Fellow at the International Writing Program in Iowa in 1977. He is an influential presence in Indian poetry in English, and has written two books of poetry, Land’s End (1962) and Missing Person (1976). He also edited the seminal anthology New Writing in India (1974) and co-edited with Eunice deSouza an anthology of Indian English prose, Statements (1976)

His Trying to Say Goodbye is among eight books of poetry conferred the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award 2014. Apart from this, Utpal Kumar Basu, Urkhao Gwra Brahma, Shad Ramzan, Gopalkrushna Rath, Jaswinder, Gope Kamal and Munawwar Rana have also won the award.

A much anticipated collection of his poems “Trying to  Say Goodbye” , published by Almost Island Books was released in December 2011.

“This ……… third collection of poems by Adil Jussawalla, who continues to be a seminal figure in post-independence Indian poetry. Jussawalla’s is an intimate but still sharp voice, fearless but melancholic, marked by a darting, wily syntax, bristling rhymes, and an original prosody. Here, he moves across time to address an array of histories, both personal and public. He pays homage to poets, artists, drunks, vagabonds, and eccentrics on the one hand, and to the deep inner life of objects and materials – a wristwatch, a radio, clay, wood, marble, a cloud, a fly – on the other.”

A critical appreciation of his poems by poet and singer Anand Thakore is published here

A selection of his poems is showcased here, with the permission of the Author.