“…….A lifetime of work by such a significant writer should not be allowedAnilSaaril_new to vanish. Wouldn’t it be good if an Indian University bought all the significant papers of Anil Saari Arora, his unpublished manuscripts, and even the considerable amount of writing he did for web based literary magazines like Crimson Feet (www.crimsonfeet.com, also zine5.com and  chowk.com). There may have been several other such online magazines showcasing creative writing. These need to be collected together, and even the letters he wrote to his friends and strangers. This could form a comprehensive archive for painstaking editing and gradual phased publication. Such an archive could also provide rich material for a media studies course or a literature Masters or a doctoral thesis. This would enable a fortunate student to take some of Anil’s demons for an outing….” more….