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Darryl D’Monte was Resident Editor of The Times of India and The Indian Express in Mumbai.

He is Chairman Emeritus of the Forum of Environmental Journalists in India (FEJI) and
Founder President of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists (IFEJ).

He contributes to Indian journals and newspapers, especially on environmental issues in which he specialises, besides political and social issues.

His book “Temples or Tombs? Industry Versus Environment – Three Controversies” was published in 1985.

“Ripping the Fabric: The Decline of Mumbai and Its Mills”(2002) critically explores the growth of Mumbai through redevelopment Of Mill Land.

“Mills for Sale: The Way Ahead”, published in 2006 looks at the state, and unplanned utilization, of Mumbai’s vast Mill land with dire consequences to environment.

The writer has generously permitted to have some of his articles archived here. Some of them  have appeared elsewhere also, of which we have made a note at the end of the same.



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It was a stone’s throw from our bungalow. My parents knew his and Monika had asked my mother for advice on domestic help. We invited the young couple over a couple of times.

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