Jana1Writer, photographer, Janardhan Roye has free-lanced to major news papers and magazines in India and abroad since the early 80s. Nothing seems to escape his scanner, as his prolific output, showcased in our pages here, reveals: from humour to sports, health, business, travelogue, environment/ecology, civic issues, cinema, books.

Bangalore-born Jana has degrees in engineering and business management, and has worked in MNCs and the public sector in India and abroad – in marketing, general management and international trading. He is associated with a non-profit organization involved in health/medical, education, and environment/conservation services. His plans include continuing charity work, more travel, writing fiction – short stories and novels, photography, and at the end of it all, ‘giving back everything to the community.’

We are going to archive here a selection of his articles from various publications, the earliest dating July 1983.



  1. Bridge across eras
  2. Record Bound
  3. Flying High, Flying Low
  4. Wild West Days
  5. An Iberian hue of laidback blue
  6. Echoes of an empire