manu-pic-webManohar Shetty has published five books of poems, including ‘Domestic Creatures’ (Oxford University Press, New Delhi). His poems have been widely published and anthologized. In the UK his poems have appeared in ‘London Magazine’, ‘Poetry Review’, ‘Wasafiri’ and ‘Poetry Wales’. He has edited a special edition on English language poets of India for ‘Poetry Wales’. In the United States his poems have appeared in ‘Chelsea’, ‘Rattapallax’, ‘Fulcrum’, ‘Shenandoah’ and ‘New Letters’, and in ‘Helix’ in Australia. Several anthologies feature his work, notably ‘The Oxford-India Anthology of Twelve Modern Indian Poets’ ( Ed Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, OUP, New Delhi). His poems have been translated into Italian, Finnish, German and Slovenian. He has been a Homi Bhaba Fellow and a Senior Sahitya Akademy Fellow.

An in-depth review of some of his works that brings us closer to Manohar Shetty the poet, and the person, appears in The Caravan Magazine.

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His fifth book of poems, ‘Body Language’ published by Poetrywala, Mumbai and released recently (Dec,2012) at the Goa Art and Literary Fest, “…contains what is typical of Shetty’s work: sharp and resonant images, precision of language and line. But there is more satire than in any earlier book.” -Eunice de Souza in Mumbai Mirror>>

His fourth work, ‘Personal Effects’ was published recently under his own imprint ‘Doosra Press’. Well-known poet, translator and editor Arvind Krishna Mehrotra calls the poems a ‘pure delight, so much so that, because you want the pleasure to last, you read them slowly, one at a time, taking a mental walk after each. A spare richness marked his poems from the start and, over the decades, this hasn’t changed. What has changed is that the poems are even more burnished than before. They glow, and continue to do so long after the page has been turned, the book returned to the shelf…This is poetry so naturally memorable that you don’t need to consciously memorize it.”

The book is reviewed by Eunice de Souza in Mumbai Mirror >>

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He has rediscovered Goa in his writing and his poems. One of his love poems, ‘GIFTS’ has appeared in Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s ‘The Oxford-India Anthology of Twelve Modern Indian Poets’, and from there into an Italian translation for a journal called Clandestino, and then into a wonderful, multilingual anthology of love poetry, Amore in Verse, published in Rome. A more detailed biography and an assessment of his work would appear in Asia-Major Reviews soon.