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  1. A visit to Florence and Venice
  2. A Visit to Oxford
  3. Ambedkar
  4. Anil Saari ‘s Work as a poet
  5. Asian Media in The UK
  6. Balraj Khanna – Indian Painter in the UK
  7. Bandit Queen
  8. BBC World service
  9. Buddhism in the West
  10. Curries in the West
  11. Domingo -A Spanish Interlude
  12. Gunesekhere – an Assessment of the Booker short list
  13. Kalighat Paintings
  14. Mukul Kesavan’s first novel
  15. Oriental Club – a very British institution
  16. Peter Shore: Politics of Compassion
  17. Rashme Sehgal’s Novel : Hacks & Headlines
  18. Return of the Native: story of Ian
  19. Shankar Menon Marath – an assesment of the novelist
  20. The Great Flood
  21. Writers of the Indian Diaspora

TRK Travelogues:

Part I –   The Journey begins
Part II –    Facing No Man’s Land – End of the Journey?
Part III –   End of an Era for India or A tryst with Destiny?
Part IV –  Wrath of Mount Ararat
Part V –   Manna from Heaven
Part VI –  Hobson’s Choice
Part VII –  Dreaming History
Part VIII – Bohemian Interlude
Part IX –   Italian Odessey
Part X –    Down and Out in Paris and London
Part XI –   Journey’s End


TRK’s CFS Chronicles.