In 1969- Catherine & I with baby Dominic were living in a large new town house with a grand distant (very distant) view of Canary Warf (our house was on a steep hill in Forest Hill). I had invited half a dozen Indian writer poet friends to do a poetry reading session. Most if not all of these became famous in time.. They read their selected poems.
I recorded this exhilarating session on a professional UHER mobile tape recorder using audio tape cassettes. Dominic my son was a 2 year-old baby. Four decades passed – and we made several house moves – and we still have the audio cassette.
I decided to digitise the invaluable audio recording from over 40 years ago.

What better place to show these poems again than Asia Major. Fancifully I dream that Mumbai Sunday papers would headline these poems as a “discovery”. To fulfill this dream I have recently purchased a Steepletone MP3 encoding music system so that I could turn my old cassettes and vinyl records into MP3 format to upload onto Asia Major.


1969 –
Dulcet voice of Adil Jussawalla & friends Farrukh Dhondy  and his partner Mala reading aloud their own & friends’ poems.

The poems read out were by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Lawrence Bantleman, Hubert Nazareth, Farrukh Dhondy and Adil Jussawalla.


And here are some visual memories of those timeslate sixties and early seventies:

Click to enlarge.



Here’s a link to the MP3 file:

Poetry reading :A treasure trove recovered from early seventies


Reading Poetry

Copyright: Images – Author

: Audio files: Strictly with poets, writers figuring in the MP3 file.

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